Control Power Concepts – CPC Inc is a power engineering and field services company that was established in 2006.  Our roots are in relay engineering, replacement, troubleshooting and testing.  With over a decade of experience, our engineers are able to support power generation, industrial or commercial plants, and any other power systems.  In the following years, we have developed a very strong group of NETA-Accredited Field Service Technicians that can support acceptance and maintenance testing on low, medium, and high-voltage equipment.  Lastly, we have a great team of power-studies engineers and lock out, tag out (LOTO) professionals that provide arc-flash, coordination, and short-circuit studies.  We also work with facilities to create LOTO procedures to ensure safe maintenance activities on all equipment.

The value of working with CPC in this critical working environment is that we trust their professional recommendations. We know that CPC is always looking out for the best interest of our company and we believe in their work.
Gabe Herrera, Director of CIOPS

CPC has handled the GCM control repair for our generational sets. Their professionalism and intelligence has helped us out of numerous binds. In fact, one New Year’s Eve CPC’s quick response took the pressure out of a tight holiday deadline. Their affordable price and ability to go over and above helps me give CPC he highest recommendation.
Brian Fieger, Senior Watch Cogeneration Plant

CPC has been very dependable and easy to work with. They have helped us purchase generators and program the switchgear at our business. No matter when I call, the crew shows up at their earliest opportunity . . . which is almost always immediately. Any problem I have had throughout the 2 ½ years I’ve known them, CPC has been great at troubleshooting. They analyze my problems and find the best way to resolve them. John’s been there so much for me, that in addition to our business relationship, I now consider him a good friend as well.
Jack Bean, Mountain Operations Manager

Control Power Concepts - Power Engineering and Field Services