Careers at Control Power Concepts

At CPC, we are consistently looking for good people within the power testing, engineering and electrical safety.  The key characteristics of the team are:
NO EGO – We want people who collaborate, communicate, and contribute from day one. We can only accomplish this with people who are willing to give and receive feedback. Each person on the team, regardless of role, has the ability to help make the entire team better.
HOW CAN WE HELP – This simple motto describes all of our interaction within the company, with clients, and is a pervasive feeling we all share. We seek to provide solutions and improvements to those we deal with.
PEOPLE FIRST – At CPC, we are a team working to live, not living to work.  That doesn’t mean we don’t give everything we have (see next header).  It means we want to make work and our careers integral to the well-being of each person on the team.  We want our people to be genuinely happy!
WHATEVER IT TAKES – Building a small business is far from easy and demands are significant. This requires people willing to step outside their comfort zone and do, not only the work attributed to a single position, but jumping in and supporting the team in whatever way is best for CPC.
If you connect with these values and work attributes, please reach out to by email ( or by phone (702-448-7833).  We look forward to meeting you!
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